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With close to 300 bedrooms we are the largest privately owned provider of off-campus housing @UNCC

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A Rampside Properties LLC Company

Q- Do you offer 1 and 2 bedroom apartments?
A- We do not offer 1 bedroom apartments.  We offer 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, condos and townhomes.

Q- How do you handle finding roommates?
A- We match students with similar interests.  Unlike our competitors who make you fill out a form and then shuffle forms around to create groups of roomates, we speak to each person individually in order to do the best job we can to match like-minded roomates.

Q- Do 4 students sign one lease or are they all separate?
A- Each student signs an individual lease. Each lease requires a parental co-sign. We are very parent-oriented; we give parents our direct line so they can contact us at any time.  If you are an older student and cannot get a parent co-sign we require a double deposit instead.

Q- There are so many condo/townhouse complexes in the University area, why should I rent from you?
A- Two reasons- one is that we are literally across the street from campus, that is one of our biggest advantages. Leave your car in front of your condo and walk a few minutes to class. The second reason is- what is being amongst other UNCC students worth to you?  Living across from the university amongst like-minded students helps you make friends and network.

Q- I am not a UNCC student, I attend CPCC or Johnson Wales, can I rent from you?
A- Yes.

Q- Do you do short-term leases for students?
A- No, we typically only do minimum of 1-year leases starting in August.  If we have any available rooms after August then we will consider doing a less-than-one year lease. 

Q- I have two other friends and we would like to rent one of your 4 bedroom condos and use the 4th bedroom as storage or extra hangout room, is that possible?
A- Absolutely, if you split the 4 bedroom rate 3 ways you are welcome to have only 3 people in the condo.

Q- Regarding the utilities cap, if the cap is exceeded, how is who pays determined?
A- The caps should rarely be exceeded. If they are then electric or water is being used beyond normal usage. In the event that the cap is exceeded, the excess will be split by all residents evenly.

Q- Do you mix males and females in one condo?
A- We never mix males and females in the same condo unless all residents know each other (they come in as a group).

Q- Do you permit smoking inside the condo?
A- No. Every condo has an outdoor patio/deck and smoking there is permitted but never inside the condo.

Q- How much is the deposit?   

A- The deposit for any of our properties is $300 per person.

Q- Do you allow pets?
A- University Terrace & University Terrace North do not permit cats or dogs, however caged animals/fish are permitted.  Colville townhomes and gardens do permit cats and dogs, but they have to meet weight and type requirements (there is a separate deposit and addition to rent rates for cat or dog).  Cat/dog deposit is $300 non-refundable and $35/month added to montly rent

Q- Is there any security in the complex?
A- Yes.  UT/UTN are gated communities in addition to surveillance cameras watching the parking lots.  Colville townhomes has security cameras.  All properties have private security patrol nightly in addition to random patrol by CMPD and UNCC Police.

Q- Your rent is reasonable but there are others who are even cheaper, why should I go with you?
A- It's the old saying "you get what you pay for". Our condos are some of the nicest, newest and best. We typically completely renovate condos that we purchase and that includes new ceramic floors, wood laminate floors, new toilets, new paint, new appliances, new blinds and more. We have toured our competition, especially the high priced student housing complexes around UNCC and were surprised that most do not have ceramic tile, wood laminate floors and other nice uprgades, most complexes have vinyl and carpet throughout.  This is our business, this is what we do every day and our reputation is at stake, we want students to tell other students how terrific our product is and having a great product is our best tool and why we are one of the biggest in the UNCC off-campus business.