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With close to 300 bedrooms we are the largest privately owned provider of off-campus housing @ UNCC!

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STUDENT HOUSING IS THE SINGLE BIGGEST COLLEGE EXPENSE YOU CAN CONTROL!  Our properties are across from campus but cost much less than living on campus!  Gas is expensive, it does not make sense to commute if you live in the Charlotte region and are attending UNCC.  Read on...

As you'll see below, when you break down our rental rates, you can see just what an amazing bargain we offer! We are not the cheapest, we are not the most expensive, but we are the best and offer the most! (All rates effective January 2019)

University Terrace Condos (4 bedroom / 2 full bath)
Rent: $325/Utilities package: $70 (Includes washer/dryer/water/electric/cable TV/high-speed cable connection)

University Terrace North Condos (4 bedroom / 4 full bath)
Rent: $380/
Utilities package: $70 (Includes washer/dryer/water/electric/cable TV/high-speed cable connection)
TOTAL: $450

Colville Townhomes (3 bedroom / 2 full bath & 2.5 bath)
Rent: $1500/
Utilities package: Includes washer/dryer/water/electric/cable TV/high-speed cable connection
Colville townhome individual rates may be split in various ways.  Because the bottom floor bedroom is the largest in the townhome and has it's own private bath, it is expected that a higher lease rate is paid relative to the two upstairs bedrooms which are a bit smaller and share a bathroom. 

Colville Gardens (2 bedroom / 2 full bath)
Rent: $1120-$1170/
Utilities package: Washer/dryer/water/electric/cable TV/high-speed cable connection

How do rental rates compare to housing on campus? The cheapest available option on campus is in the Highrises where you share a room with someone (literally sleep in the same room) and share a communal bathroom with 17 other students, and it's more expensive than us!  How do rental rates compare to other housing off-campus? We encourage you to shop around- when you get enough of the "sticker shock", give us a call!