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With close to 300 bedrooms we are the largest privately owned provider of off-campus housing @UNCC

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Below are emails and excerpts from letters we've received from current and previous tenants and their parents.  We are a housing provider but we are also a 100% people business, not a machine that rings you up or computer that handles your transaction, this business is all about treating people the way you want yourself and your family to be treated:

I loved having you as a landlord! Thanks so much for all your help and prompt replies!  Karen P.

Thank you very much for everything, and if I am ever looking to lease an apartment near the University area again I will be sure to look you up.  Angela

I just wanted to write and let you know what an immense pleasure it was renting from you this past year.  Being an out of state student I was always a bit apprehensive about moving off campus and figured I would be stuck living in dorms for the rest of my life.  Then I was lucky enough to see a flyer for and I must say it was the perfect living situation for my senior year.  I was right across the street from campus so I never felt like I was a commuter; in fact the walk was not that much longer then when I lived on campus.  Add to that the fact that the apartments were absolutely fantastic and there is not another place I would have rather spent my senior year.  When my parents came down for graduation they were shocked by the size and quality of the apartment and could not believe that we were paying the monthly rent that we were for such a nice place.
I also wanted to thank you personally for being a hands on landlord who cared about his tenants.  I always felt as though if there was a problem you would immediately attend to the situation, and that was greatly appreciated.  Also the environment that you have cultivated at UT North was a great help to me, as I was provided a place of relaxation and fun where I could balance my studies and having a good time.  I never had a better place to study in my four years of college then my room at UT North, and I am sure that that played no small role in my being accepted to graduate school as my grades from my senior year were impeccable.  Again my experience this past year was fantastic, and I am positive that there was not another place that could have provided me the experiences that I gained from renting from you.  Thanks.

I can't thank you enough for all you're doing to try to help my daughter.  I thank you with all my heart for being such an awesome person.
(Mother of one of our student tenants)

Thanks so much for everything! It has been a pleasure renting from you!Kelly

Thank you for working with our daughter and making her accountable in a grown up world, but also being very decent and caring as she tries to establish herself as a financially independent adult.  Your care is sincerely appreciated.
(Parents of one of our student tenants)

My family is jealous how good i got it made for what i pay. And having a great landlord like you helps too.

I just want to tell you I've enjoyed renting from you and I'm glad that this has been a wonderful first time renting experience. I will definetely recommend people to you in the future! Thank you very much.
Have a wonderful day!
Natalie P.

After reading that article, its just another warm and fuzzy reminder of why I love living at UTN. With it's nightly security, bright lights and security cameras, I feel safe here in my apartment. We constantly hear stuff all the time on how *...several off-campus complexes mentioned- we decided to take that out*, even on CAMPUS places all get robbed and stuff, but you never hear about a break in at UT or UTN. That's why I chose here. I tell everyone I know who is thinking about moving off campus that LiveOffCampus.Net is the way to go. I tell them you've got places in Colville, UT and UTN. Because everyone should feel as safe as I do in their own home. That's not to say I Don't still lock my door and car every single time I leave them. I do. But the bottom line really is, I love my apartment, I love where I live, and I love having you as a landlord because anytime we've had a problem, you've always been there to fix it right away.

Thank You for all your hard work,

We are moving out when our lease expires.  You have been the best landlord I've ever had to deal with.  Thank you!

Once again, I cannot thank you enough for everything that you did to accommodate me for this summer! I will most likely be back next summer and will be sure to look you up first! You offered great service to your customers for a great price and a great place to stay.    Nick T

I just wanted to thank you for the last month or so and really for the entire time I stayed at UT.  You've been such a big help any and every time I needed you, so I just wanted to say I really appreciate it.  Keep up the good work and take care of the girls.  LS

Thank you for all of your help Joe, I really appreciate how kind you've been to us.

Thank you so much for everything these past 3 years! You are an amazing landlord and your rates are unbeatable!! Good luck with this upcoming school year and I wish you continued success in your business! :)   Emily

I really appreciate you hooking me up with a room and giving me the opportunity to choose who I can live with. I feel like anyone else would have just thrown me into an empty room, so thanks!